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Vintage Diamond Gold Earrings

Elegant & Practical Diamond & Gold Earrings

These are an everyday wear earrings, fabricated in 18KT yellow gold and accented with 1.30 carats of Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds of H/I color VS clarity. The earrings are set with omega backs and measure 1 1/2 inch long. circa 1970s.

SKU: E610

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Antique Bubble Bee Enamel & Diamond Brooch

A Whimsical Antique Sparkling Bubble Bee!  Irresistible!

This antique bubble bee brooch is fabricated in 18KT yellow gold body with Silver wings featuring a round cabochon Emerald as its head and fiery pink Sapphire eyes.  The body and wings of the bee are accented with three black enamel strips and set with sixty two Rose Cut Diamonds, all weighing a total of approx. 1.00 carats.  The diamonds are evaluated as H/J color – VS/SI clarity.  It measures 1.5″ long x 2.00 ” wide.  Circa 1900

SKU:  P282

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September Stunners

Old European Cut Diamond Platinum Vintage Ring
Old European Cut Diamond Platinum Vintage Ring

We are as surprised as you! Summer is over and September is over halfway finished. Where has the time gone? We could worry about such things or we could embrace the present moment, luxuriating in its every move. Diamonds that sparkle. Platinum that wows. Gold that shines. Love that blooms. At Claude Morady we see beauty in everything as long as love is in the air.

Speaking of love, we are so proud to feature a gorgeous array of Vintage and Antique engagement rings. In addition, we offer bracelets, necklaces, earrings, accessories, as well as rings of all types. The sky is the limit here so please come visit us any time. Our showroom in Beverly Hills is not your average jewelry store. We treat our customers as guests, offering a warm welcome as you make your purchase. Choosing the right piece for a loved one or a special something for yourself is not an easy task, but we hope to make it fun, heartfelt, and celebratory. We hope to see you soon!

Vintage Old European Cut Diamond & Sapphires Engagement Ring
Vintage Old European Cut Diamond & Sapphires Engagement Ring

September is a Sapphire month indeed! This Vintage Classic Platinum Engagement Ring features an Old European Cut Diamond weighing 2.86 carats and two Round Cut Sapphires.

Diamond & Gold Eternity Band

From here to eternity! This Flower Design Brilliant Cut Diamond and 18 KT Gold Eternity Band is the perfect promise of forever.

Retro Aquamarine & Gold Cocktail Ring
Retro Aquamarine & Gold Cocktail Ring

What is love without a little bit of fun?! This Retro Aquamarine and 10 KT Gold Cocktail Ring is a Vintage Gem. Adding style to any collection, this ring is flirty, fierce and fabulous.

Enjoy these treats!!!


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Endless Summer of Love

Vintage Round Brilliant Cut Platinum Set Diamond Ring
Vintage Round Brilliant Cut Platinum Set Diamond Ring
Vintage Round Brilliant Cut Platinum Set Diamond Engagement Ring

Happy August, dear readers! This is the month where we truly sink into summer, letting it become as endless as possible—as if the structure of the calendar year was only a suggestion. Seriously, though, if we were in Europe we’d be vacationing already—far from home, making a home elsewhere for a short while. Those are the best trips—when you feel at home in a new, unknown place. Don’t you think that when you’re with the one you love, you’re at home wherever you are? We do.

Let summer, vacation, travel and escape inspire you. You’ve already found the one you love. Now it’s time to find the time, find the words, find the answer. You already know what it will be: YES. We have the perfect ring for you. This Vintage Round Brilliant Cut Platinum Set Diamond Engagement Ring will look so beautiful on the one you love.

This piece of Art Deco jewelry is set with a 2.53 carat Round Brilliant Cut Diamond and flanked by Baguette & Single cut diamonds. The platinum setting is all hand engraved and it dates back to the 1930′s. Always timeless, our Diamond Engagement Rings will lead you closer to the future you already have in mind. Come visit our Beverly Hills showroom or contact us for more information. Summer, like your love, is endless.

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Trash Truck Crew saves woman’s 5 lost rings!

Deb Kirby of Attleboro temporarily lost five rings, including her diamond engagement ring and wedding ring, when they were accidentally tossed into the trash. They were found by a crew from Waste Management before the truck brought the household waste to an incinerator. (Staff photo by Mark Stockwell)

Have you ever lost your engagement ring or wedding ring? It happens all the time, and usually the story doesn’t end well, except when it does! This has got to be one of the most amazing stories of lost rings being found!

Return of the Rings

Wednesday, May 16, 2012 9:50 AM EDT
Trash company saves the day for city woman

ATTLEBORO – The city’s trash company turned into real treasure for one city resident last week.

Waste Management helped Deb Kirby of Holcott Street pull five prized rings out of a mountain of trash that was minutes away from being incinerated May 8.

Here’s the story.

Kirby never leaves home without five rings on her fingers: her wedding ring, engagement ring, a ring her dad gave her and two costume jewelry favorites.

They’re all dear to her, and three have significant monetary value.

But last week, they were gone when she got up, and so she hurried off to work at Bristol County Savings Bank worried and without them.

It was unusual. Kirby always knows where the rings are and they were usually on her fingers.

“I was frantic,” she said. “I couldn’t imagine where they were.”

She went home for lunch and looked for them again and again couldn’t find them.

But on the way back to the bank, a cold chill came over her as she retraced the events of the day before and realized with horror that she had thrown her treasured jewelry out with some dirty paper towels sitting on her kitchen counter as she cleaned up at the end of a busy day.

“It just came to me like a wave,” she said. “It shocked me to the core and I knew I must have thrown them away.”

Kirby said she was drying her rings with paper towels after washing her hands on Monday evening, but somehow was distracted and put them down. After eating dinner and watching TV she forgot they were in the towels and tossed them while cleaning up.

If Tuesday morning wasn’t trash collection day, it would have been no problem. But it was trash day, and it was a big problem.

Waste Management picks up Holcott Street early and the rings were likely gone before she got to work.

The sudden realization sent her into a panic. Her husband Brad said she should call the trash company – it was her only hope, and slim one at that, she thought.

But that’s where trash turned into treasure.

Officials at Waste Management, including Aaron Smith and Walter Taylor, who were able to determine what truck had picked up Holcott Street and turn it around before it dumped its load at an incineration plant.

But that was only the beginning.

They had the truck go to the Raynham Transfer Station, where it dumped its tons of stinking rubbish which had to be searched.

Kirby and a crew of Waste Management workers began the effort at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Smith and Taylor knew the rings had to be in trash at the front of the truck and Kirby said they were in a black trash bag with a blue draw string, and that’s where they looked.

It didn’t take long. The rings were found in about 30 minutes.

Less than 24 hours after she lost the most prized possessions of her life, they were restored.

Despair turned to joy.

“When I put those rings on, my hands were shaking because I was so happy,” Kirby said.

Smith, Taylor and their crew are real heroes to Kirby.

“They could have said, ‘Lady, those rings are gone, there’s no chance.’ But they didn’t,” she said.

“I’m so extremely grateful and so very impressed,” Kirby said. “One of my worst days became one of the best.”