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Open for Diamonds

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Vintage Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

At Claude Morady, we love a good competition. Anyone watching the US Open knows what we’re talking about (Serena Williams vs…well, anyone). When it comes to giving the gift of jewelry, it’s anyone’s game. Rings? Bracelets? Necklaces? Brooches? Earrings? We know how hard the decision can be. There is, however, one gem that takes the cake. The diamond.

Yes, when it comes to the diamond there’s really no competition. Sparkling, classic, delicate. We imagine when it comes to buying any kind of gift, or proposing with an engagement ring, this is always the right choice.

This week we’re featuring this timeless Vintage Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring. One-of-a-kind in style, this art deco piece will look so beautiful as it shines on the hand of your love. Let’s just say, it will be a grand slam. Come visit us in Beverly Hills or, if you’re outside of the Los Angeles area, be in touch over the web.

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