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Medley of Diamonds Ring

Vintage Medley Of Diamonds Platinum Ring
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Vintage Medley Of Diamonds Platinum Ring
Vintage Medley Of Diamonds Platinum Ring

At Claude Morady, we love unexpected beauty. The kind that strikes you when you least expect it. Something of a surprise, we are often set in our ways until we find pleasure in the unexpected and, all of a sudden, we are delighted by a unique spark we never thought we would be drawn to. Much like meeting “the one,” we often find love when we least expect it—when we were searching for someone else or, better yet, when we weren’t even looking in the first place. The same, of course, applies to jewelry!

Among our collection of stunning jewelry, we have a variety of rings that stand out as style statements but also would make the most unique, jaw-dropping Engagement Rings. We believe there is something for everyone and here in Los Angeles, nestled in a showroom in Beverly Hills, we are here to provide the styling and guidance you need to discover what is unique for you and for the one you love. That gray area between knowing what you like and not having a clue, is where we come in. Let us help you pick out the next piece to add to your collection or the engagement ring that will win the heart of the one you love.

We have a ring in mind that would be perfect for any occasion. The Vintage Medley Of Diamonds Platinum Ring, circa 1950s, is both classic and unique. At the center is a stunning Emerald Cut Diamond accented with two Marquise Cut and Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds. The design, though asymmetrical, makes perfect sense. Quite like the love you found, this ring is right—just as it is.

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