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Antique Enamel & Diamond Locket
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Antique Enamel & Diamond Locket
Antique Enamel & Diamond Locket

Did you remember to accessorize? Okay, we know what you’re thinking. “Claude Morady, show us some Engagement Rings, some Diamonds, some bling!” Of course, we aim to please, however we have so much to our collection that we want to share with you. Not only do we specialize in rings galore (specifically, ahem, the type intended for…well, your intended) but we have a treasure trove of jewels just waiting to be added to your collection. Between rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches and more, we have a little something for everybody. Today, we found something that’s perfect for you…especially that part of you that wants to slow down, re-charge and remember the beautiful things in life.

These days, we find ourselves often consumed by technology, glued to our phones, and transfixed by screens. By now, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all words in our daily Lexicon. When was the last time you held an actual photograph (4×6, Polaroid, whatever) in your hand? Well, how would you like to hold that image close to your heart? Behold this Antique Enamel and Diamond Locket, featuring a 6-point star design accented with Rose cut Diamonds. On the back, you will find the initials “CG” hand engraved (don’t worry, it doesn’t stand for “Computer Graphic”). The locket hangs from a gold link chain and dates back to the 1900s.

Let this piece inspire the old-fashioned part of you that’s ready to put down the phone, print an actual photograph, and wear it around your neck. Thoughtful, stylish, and beautiful. It’s what we love…and what we hope you’ll love too!

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