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December Blues

Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring
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Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring
Natural Ceylon Blue Sapphire & Diamond Ring


Lovers, Jewelry Enthusiasts, Angelenos, Style Icons and everyone in between:

What can we say: we LOVE the holidays. Deliciously savory food, mulled wine, spiced sweet treats, festive cheer, celebratory parties, the union of families, the giving of gifts. We also love the colors and hues that accompany winter. Sure we LOVE Christmas stocking red and we LOVE Evergreen trees, but at Claude Morady we are suckers for blue. Partly because we know a good sapphire when we see it…especially when it’s surrounded by 14 round brilliant cut diamonds like our featured item today. This Natural No Heat blue Ceylon Sapphire ring will be the perfect topper to an already blissful holiday season.

Side note: while we’re all bracing for tomorrow’s winter storm in SoCal, now would be a perfect time to do some online browsing and shopping on our website. There’s no better way to distract from mudslides, messy gutters or leaky roofs. Visit our site for holiday shopping inspiration. It’s the ultimate gift guide. Enjoy!

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