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Vintage French Cut Diamonds Platinum Ring
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Vintage French Cut Diamonds Platinum Ring
Vintage French Cut Diamonds Platinum Engagement Ring

We hear it all the time. Classic, yet unique. When you ask, we listen which is why our collection evolves as it does. On and on, we continue to shape and design our collection so that no matter your taste, we have something special for you. Not only will you love the final product, but we promise it will stand out and pass the test of time. Today we are featuring a ring that symbolizes timelessness yet also wows the crowd.

Behold our Vintage French Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring and look no further. This ring, dating back to the 1940s, is fabricated in platinum and features four French cut diamonds. The beauty speaks for itself and, as an engagement ring, sparkles like the glimmer in her eye. So get those jaws off of the floor and stop by our showroom. We have this ring available, and many more.

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Claude Morady

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