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Aquamarine Heat Wave in LA

Antique Aquamarine & Platinum Ring
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Antique Aquamarine & Platinum Ring
Antique Aquamarine & Platinum Ring

In LA we are blessed with near-perfect weather. On average we’re a high of 72 on the daily kind of town. No complaints there. Even with such awesome year-round temps, we still get giddy when a heat wave comes to town. For the next week or so, we are looking at some temperatures in the high eighties, possibly nineties, sweeping through Los Angeles. Spring (with not-so-subtle hints of Summer) has definitely sprung in our hometown.

In light of the weather, the season, and just general warm and fuzzy feelings, we’re pleased to feature some stunning Spring pieces that will make you want to splash about in the sea. For example, today we’re showing off this Antique Aquamarine and Platinum Ring. Like many of our Engagement Rings, this piece will make you say yes more than once.¬†We’ll be waiting out the week at our Beverly Hills showroom then this weekend we’ll hit the beach on Saturday and cheer on those participating the inspiring LA marathon on Sunday. Lots to cheer about!

Much love,

Claude Morady