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Diamonds in the Sky

Emerald Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring
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Emerald Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring
Emerald Cut Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring

It’s been an exciting week in the sky. On Wednesday, it was reported that astronomers found a diamond engagement ring in space. Of course, it was a planetary nebula and a star, aligned in such a way that gave the appearance of a ring. Telescopes captured the image and, indeed, the sky was bejeweled.

The excitement doesn’t stop there. Tonight and tomorrow, there will be a lunar eclipse. On average this happens only twice a year—making it special, rare, and captivating. In fact, we find the occurrence quite romantic. It requires that perfect moment when the sun and the earth line-up in just a way to cast a dark shadow over the moon. In every case, the moon must be full and, in certain cases, the moon is immersed in a deep reddish orange glow. Perhaps this time around we’ll be lucky enough to see a ruby or a garnet in the sky. Check here for the best viewing opportunities.

Like sunsets and sunrises, this lunar eclipse is not-to-be-missed. This kind of poetic romance reminds us of the beautiful engagement rings in our jewelry collection, such as our Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring we have featured here. Set in Platinum, this Vintage design is accented with a single cut diamond in each side. Circa 1940s, this ring is elegant and delicate. Like a lunar eclipse, it’s one-of-a kind.

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